As an American born and raised overseas, one of the first things I learned is that America is more than a place. It’s a set of ideas and principals that stand for freedom, equality, justice and global leadership. America is animated by millions of intrepid, hard-working, creative, quirky, and ambitious people. You cannot love “America”, if you do not love “Americans,” and you cannot claim to love Americans if your actions harm the many in service of the few. I was raised to believe that service to my country is an honor and privilege, that protecting the Constitution and the rule of law is the highest of purposes.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is NOT using the Presidency to serve the American people, but rather to serve his own financial and psychological needs. He respects neither the Constitution nor the rule of law. In the short time that he has held office he has done tremendous damage to the institutions that serve and protect the people, as well as the global standing of the United States. From undermining our intelligence services, to weakening nearly every administrative institution in Washington, to ham-fistedly alienating our global allies. From an ill-cnceived Muslim Ban, which violated the Constitution and would have done NOTHING to secure the Nation, to weakening NATO, to glibly calling for trade wars, to escalating tensions between allies, Trump has demonstrated an unwillingness to learn and an incapacity to reason. Sadly, he is a clear and present danger to our values, our economic strength and our national security. Moreover, his inexplicable prostration to Vladimir Putin and Russian interests is intolerable. Russia is an adversary that seeks to weaken global alliances and assert its own influence and expansionist goals. In 2016, Russia engaged in a sophisticated and coordinated attack on the United States designed to influence and affect the outcome of the U.S. election. The degree to which Trump or his team members colluded with Russians to execute this attack is currently under investigation, although there is already ample evidence that several Trump team members have lied publicly about their ties to Russia. Trump doesn’t represent a “different” perspective, he represents a “destructive” perspective. He attacks the judiciary, and has already takes steps to curb any check on his own power. In sum, he is trying to turn the United Staes into a dictatorship. I WILL NEVER PERMIT THIS! And so, I am committed to stopping Donald Trump and will work tirelessly to remove him from office. Our country cannot move forward until we excise him and the stench of his administration from office.